Is Kratom powder more effective rather than capsule?

How is Kratom Powder made? Kratom powder is made by drying the leaves and grinding kratom leaves after traditional people use pounding tools to make it a powder form.  Kratom leaves are being sun dried for a few days until the moisture comes off it and then that is where the process begins. Kratom powder is the most popular and most commonly used kind of kratom since it has the quickest effects compared to just the regular tea leaves or capsules. Since kratom powder when ingested automatically flows and absorbed by our bloodstream. taking Kratom powder directly has its bad sides as well since you can feel that unpleasant taste and it leaves some nasty after taste. And since kratom powder needs to be measured we always need to make sure to take it accurately and moderately. Kratom powder is also messy since taking it would require you to measure it and also it might be dangerous if taken too much and if not measured properly. Kratom powder for Sale only provides quality and fresh kratom powder. 

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How to use Kratom Powder 

  1. You can mix it with any of your desired beverages, you can mix it to your fresh juices or even you can make it a shake. 
  1. Toss and Wash is one of the popular ways on how to do it. Its tossing it inside your mouth and washing it with kind of beverages 
  1. Always do your research make sure that if you are new in using Kratom using a small amount is recommended for you to see the effect in your body and that your body can properly adjust to it 
  1. Make a Tea – kratom powder can serve as a tea we can either stir it into hot water or even put it in a tea bag to preserve it 
  1. Make a Shake 
  1. Always Start on a lower dosage then check for effects after 30 minutes you can increase it if you don’t feel anything 
  1. Take it on an empty stomach 
  1. Stay hydrated 


There are lot more ways to use Kratom powder everything is a mix and match a trial and error since Kratom powder unlike capsules has a nasty taste that is why it is best mixed with any of your favorite drinks or you can prepare it anyway you like. Kratom is popular with its numerous medicinal effects from anti – inflammatory, pain relief, anti-stress, anti-anxiety, etc. Kratom also boost people energy making them energize to do their work for the day not only that it helps simulating the mood of one person in a bad day taking Kratom will help you boost up your mood make you feel happy. Some people would also use Kratom for recreation taking a high amount to provide a euphoric feeling. SO, no matter what we use the Kratom for we always need to make sure that we use it properly. Too much Kratom will provide negative side effects to one’s body. 

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